The Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Books In 2021


The Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Books In 2021

We’re going to go through 5 of the very best digital marketing books. I have been an entrepreneur and salesperson for over 20 years. And over that time, I have had the occasion to go through a lot of really great marketing publications. So the idea behind this catalog is I wanted to select 10 of the finest digital marketing books, the ones that I suppose will have the greatest impact for you and your business.

Now, of course, you don’t have to go through all 5 books immediately, but what I would recommend is that you go through the rest of this article, familiarize yourself with the basic idea behind each of these books, that way you’ll be in a position to choose the one or maybe two books that you feel will have the greatest immediate impact for you and your business. And then eventually you can come back and go through the remaining books because of course, each one of them does cover a very unique and valuable perspective. But with that said, let’s dive into the list, starting with the first book :

1. “Traction” Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

This is the book that I regularly recommend to anybody starting a new business, launching a new product or launching a new service, anything like that, because the number one reason new ventures like this often fail is they aren’t able to attract sufficient customers, and this book is all about confirming that you have a very clear strategy for attracting customers.

It recommends that you split your time 50/50 between building out your product , your service or your brand, and at the same time, making sure that you’re spending enough time communicating with early potential customers to make sure that you’re on the right track and making sure that you have a game plan for attracting customers when you eventually launch your product or your service.

plan for attracting customers when you eventually launch your product or your service.
The book covers 19 different marketing channels that you can use to attract customers. But perhaps in my opinion, the most valuable thing in the book is the bull’s eye framework, a very simple four-step process for selecting and executing on the best marketing strategy for your particular business. So if you’re at all interested in making sure that you have enough customers, maybe you’re launching a new product or new service, something like that, I highly recommend this book.

2. “Building a Story Brand” Donald Miller

One of the foremost things in business is to be certain that you clarify exactly what it is that you do to help customers, because a very common mistake that many businesses make is they just blindly assume that prospects, customers, people that might be considering doing business with them are completely aware of exactly what it is that they have offer and how it might help them.

But the unfortunate reality is there’s often a big disconnect between what a business knows that it can do for customers and what customers understand or perceive in how that business can help them. And often this comes down to simply ineffectively communicating the message within marketing material website or something like that. So this book is all about making sure that you clear your message, so customers will listen. So you can make it really easy for them to understand exactly who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

And not only does this help elucidate your message so that they can consider exactly whether or not they are willing to conduct business with you, but making your message more palatable also makes it easier for people to recommend your products and services to other people. Because if they have this very clear and concise way to understand and pass on exactly what it is that you do well, then of course, if a friend or family member mention a need for a product or service, like what you offer, they’re going to make that link and be more likely to make that endorsement.

3. “Contagious” Jonah Berger

Oral Communication is debatably on its own the most significant marketing strategies for most marketers out there, and this book is all about how to make products, services, or even ideas that are more we are likely to spread through social communication or through oral communication. It covers these six ideologies of contagiousness, which include digital social currency, triggers, sentiments, public perception, realistic value, and stories.

Any one of these principles can be incorporated into your products or your services, or even your content efforts to make it more likely that whatever it is that you’re producing will spread. But if you can combine multiple of these strategies together in an organic way, you can really magnify your odds for success. And one thing I always mentioned when I talk about this book is that you don’t need to create the next viral sensation in order to have really great results with a strategy like this. If all you do is make it just slightly more likely that everybody that interacts with your products or your services is going to recommend or mention it or share it with somebody else that can create really dramatic results, especially for smaller businesses.

But one of the really incredible things about Oral Communication marketing is that it’s one of the most scalable marketing strategies as well. So even for really big well-established businesses, applying these kinds of approaches, scales excellently and can have incredible result where even if you’re a big business and most of your marketing efforts just slightly move the needle, something like this, because you’re that much bigger, you’re reaching that many more people, it can create that much larger of a result.

4. “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” Al Ries and Jack Trout

This is one of my eternally preferred digital marketing books, it’s always at the top of my catalog. And this book is all about placing, making sure that your brand is placed well in the minds of consumers. And the reason why this is so essential is because as humans, we make psychological association between product group and particular brands. And if you can create this kind of association, or whenever somebody thinks of a product group, they think of your brand, well efficiently, you’re living rent free in their minds. So for example, if I mentioned a group like fast food, most people immediately link that group with a brand like McDonald’s or if I mentioned ride sharing, it might be Uber.

Or if I mentioned online ecommerce, it might be Amazon, or let’s say streaming television and video, it might be Netflix. The idea here is you want to make this connection, and this book covers a number of really powerful strategies for how to achieve this status, where whenever somebody thinks of your specific product category, they’re going to think of your brand, an incredibly powerful concept in marketing and one that I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself, whether you’re in marketing or business strategy, it’s all kind of one really powerful idea that has so many implications when it comes to business.

5. “This is Marketing” Seth Godin

This digital marketing books is all about how to generate momentum with a brand new product or service. Whenever you’re creating something new, whether you’re taking on an established solution that might be well known in the market place, or let’s say you’re creating an entirely new product category that people haven’t even heard of before, whatever the case may be, it’s incredibly difficult to initially establish momentum. So this book is all about making sure that you yourself the best chance for success when it comes to this kind of change.

And one of the key ideas from this book is to start with the smallest viable market, to choose one core audience that is going to benefit most from whatever it is that you offer. So even if you have grand ambitious plans to eventually serve many diverse customers, the idea here is to start focus on one small market, the people that are going to benefit most from what you do so that you can build momentum, they can turn into brand advocates and they can help you eventually create momentum that it grows and expand.

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