Using Autoresponders In Your Direct Sales Business


Autoresponders In Your Direct Sales

Are you in an express sales business and trying to figure out, like me, how to simplify your systems so that you can spend more of your valuable business time working on revenue-generating activities with autoresponders?

Well, I’m here to let you know that there are some straightforward steps you can take NOW to aid your business for continuity and an Autoresponder is one of those steps! An autoresponder is online software that brings a pre-written email message or string of letters that you’ve drafted and sends it out by design when somebody signs up via email or a web form.

That sounds a whole lot more complex than it is. So let me give you examples that may work in diverse aspects of your direct sales business to assist you to see how simple this is:

Follow Up and Track Your Lead.

Do you promote products or services either online or offline? With an autoresponder, you can insert an email address into your sales promotions. When one of your prospective customers/recruits emails you to find out more about your business, they are by design sent your first packet of information instantly. Take it one step more, and you can even put a different email address into every ad, making it effortless to track which ads are producing results.

Lead Generation.

Do you have an e-book or coupon that you can give away to prospective new shoppers or sign-ups? Set it up in your autoresponder and generate a web form (all at no cost with most systems) that you can put on your website or in your blog. Then insert a short statement of “Ask for more information on my business today and get a gift”, sending interested prospects to your autoresponder where the reward and the information are sent to them by design!             

Downline Newsletters.

If you’ve developed a team of referrals under you, you’ll want to keep in contact with them frequently. An autoresponder can do that effortlessly, first with a “welcome to my team” email and then afterwards as you transmit your team newsletter through the list.

Assist your new consultants to get off to a big start in their new business with a string of email training messages geared in the direction of those days when they are waiting for their starter kit. It’s a big way to keep the interest high during those early days!

Is there a precise area in your direct sales business that seems to generate the same enquiries from all the distributors in your group? Set up another string of emails specific to that business topic and set up your team members there as the questions roll in.

Leadership communication.

As your direct sales business expands, you’ll promote your team leads. Set up a series of emails felicitating with them on their new status and cheering them in their new position as leader. Many people in direct sales have no thought about what it means to lead a team, and you can set up a scheme to get them trained and prepared. And have it work for you repeatedly.

Customer newsletters.

Make contact with your clients by using an autoresponder chain just like you do with your referrals. Have a welcome sequence for fresh customers to maintain your name and information in front of them.

Customer Classes.

Set up a run of emails that highlight a product of the month from your product line, or an email category on how to use some of your products.


Set up a series of challenge emails for either your customer base or your referrals. For example, have a “scavenger hunt” through your directory and use the autoresponder system to generate excitement over a series of days.

I’m guessing that most of you unless you’re new to direct sales, have a great deal of the information for many of the above thoughts previously in your PC anywhere. With autoresponders, it’s just a matter of conveying that knowledge into the system where it can work for you, still when you’re off doing other things. Give it a try. Many autoresponders have a free trial package, so you can verify how they work before you take the push. But after just six months of using it with my direct sales business, I can tell you it’s well worth all the money!

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